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The Water-Fed Pole System

The Water-Fed Pole System

The Water-Fed Pole System Makes The Plastic Water Bucket Look Like a Blast From The Past

While we continue to use the old-fashioned squeegee and water bucket for some window cleaning jobs, the innovative water-fed pole system makes the old-fashioned plastic water bucket look like an antique from the Stone Age.

Our new-fangled water-fed pole allows us to reach further and wash cleaner using an extendable pole and soft filament brush that cleans glass to a brilliant sheen without pressing too hard on its surface. Clean is good but scratches and damage are verboten!

Are you ready to learn the true secret to those sparkling windows we leave behind when we use the water-fed pole? The true secret is water! If we just relied on the pole system to clean your windows, the sparkling results would be great enough, but when we add de-ionized and de-mineralized water to the mix, the difference is significant and quite extraordinary. Here what these changes mean to you:

• no streaks or white deposits on windows
• windows are cleaner and free of stubborn grime
• invisible film is no longer left behind

The less than visible film that is left behind on your windows when your windows are cleaned in the traditional manner acts like glue to attract dirt and grime. It’s a cycle that occurs over and over again; requiring you to call in the window cleaner more frequently.

When we clean your windows using the new water-fed pole and de-ionized water method, you won’t experience the ultimate “spotless” effect the very first time or possibly even the second time, depending on thickly coated your windows are, currently. The good news is that after one or two washes using this system, you will notice that your windows stay cleaner looking longer. You’ll actually be saving money while enjoying cleaner, streak-free windows delivered in a superior fashion.

Additional benefits of using this innovative system:

• it’s chemical free and eco-friendly
• it won’t damage painted surfaces as harsh detergents can
• it doesn’t pollute the local environment with chemical spills
• water that is left behind quickly evaporates without streaking
• it save time because it is less labor intensive

Sounds great doesn’t it? Although it might appear more expensive in comparison with the old-fashioned method, in the long-term you will find that less frequently scheduled window washings will make up the difference in cost, plus there is the added benefit of minimal disruption of your office’s normal routine, because your windows are being cleaned faster–using less manual labor.

Of course, just as some people still use landline phones instead of mobile phone, there is still use for the traditional window washing method in certain situations, such as when budgets are tight or the building isn’t designed to accommodate the water-fed pole system. We’re happy to use whichever system works best for you but would love it if you would fully consider both methods before choosing.

An informed choice is always the best choice, so please contact us with any questions you might have so you can select the best window cleaning method for your unique, individual needs.

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