Benefits of blockchain employment verification

Secured background verification has become business-critical for organizations to ensure data-security and compliance. Amid pandemic, businesses are working remotely and so are the employees. In such cases, it is essential to responsibly verify the background of candidates for compliance and to ensure a deserving candidate is hired for the job.

However, employment verification is a cumbersome and time taking process. It takes weeks and in some cases even months to verify the credentials of job applicants. Hence, apart from the time it also takes a lot of resources to verify employees. However, blockchain can resolve this issue. It can reduce both time and cost of employee verification significantly.

Here are some essential benefits of blockchain employment verification in the corporate world.

#1 Verify within a few hours

Blockchain ensures secured background verification within a few hours. It runs on an end-to-end online process through which it verifies all the documents from native sources within a few hours. This means, you can verify any document from any part of the world at your convenient time. This saves both time and cost of travel and accommodation that you would have spent on the verification agent.

#2 Cost-efficient

Now, you don’t need to hire expensive background verification vendors to verify the documents of your employees. You just need to have the access of a blockchain background verification portal to close all the validation within a few hours.

Being an online process, you don’t need to travel, chase document issuing authorities, or wait long for the verification process to end.

#3 Extremely reliable

As you have also read above, the Blockchain enabled background verification process ensures validation of all the documents from native sources. Hence, this process eliminates the chances of forged or tampered documents. Once the document is in the blockchain system, nobody can make changes to the document. Not even the issuing authority.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about undeserving candidates who may get hired by presenting false expertise, qualification, or professional experience.

#4 Easy access

Unlike other types of documents that are available only at the native issuing organizations, you can access documents stored in blockchain from anywhere in a secured manner. That means, you can access the document from any device including mobile phone from any part of the world.

#5 Issue certificates online reliably

Organizations, colleges, and universities can use certificates through blockchain technology to issue certificates to users residing in any part of the world. It can help issuers roll out tamper-proof certificates that anyone can access for verification or reference. It will help job-seekers and students to safely save documents and present to anyone whenever required.

Wrap Up

With increasing data security issues, compliance factors, and the need to hire reliable candidates, background verification has become crucial for businesses. Blockchain background verification can play an essential role in embedding efficiency and reliability in the verification process. It will also enable HR managers to hire candidates from global locations without any apprehensions as verification will not be an issue for the organization.

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